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ach year, the Atlanta International Auto Show takes over the C Hall of the Georgia World Congress Center, presenting the latest
      Eand greatest vehicles from the major automotive manufacturers. There’s lots to see, and it can be a bit overwhelming, unless
      you come prepared. Whether you’re in the market for a new vehicle, or you’re just out with the family taking in the sights, we want
      your visit to the event to be a great experience. To help you achieve that, here’s some tips for navigating your way through the
      Atlanta International Auto Show.

                                               Just  about  everybody  carries  a  smart  phone,  and  they  come   There will be manufacturers’ reps on hand at each display, and
                                               equipped with fairly good cameras, these days. You’ll see lots   they are there to help you explore their products. Be sure to ask
                                               of  eye  candy  around  the  show  floor,  from  the  latest  trendy   them questions about the vehicles you are interested in. They’ll
       When you enter the exhibit hall, you’ll be roughly in the middle   vehicles to classics and exotics, so be sure you capture those   be more than happy to help.
       of the show floor. Without a plan of attack, it’s easy to miss some   to enjoy later. Additionally, photos and videos help if you’re in
       things along the way. Take a look at our show map on pages 34-35.   the process of evaluating your next vehicle purchase. You can
       Pick a starting point and work your way around the show floor,   snap key features, colors, and make notes about the items that
        noting key exhibits you’d like to visit.  are  important  to  you.  Let  the  technology  work  in  your  favor.

                                               If adults can find themselves easily separated from the group,
       Many people visit the show with friends and family. As you can   imagine how easy it can be for kids. Children are focused on all
       imagine, different people have different interests, so some in   the shiny stuff, so they’re not always paying attention to where   It  should  go  without  saying,  but  please  be  respectful  of  the
       your group may choose to go a different way on the show floor   they’re wandering. Just be sure you’re watching their   vehicles and other exhibits on the show floor. Take care not to
       and  want  to  catch  up  later.  Remember,  there’s  over  500,000   movements and discuss a plan with them in the event   let buttons, zippers, and other metal objects scratch the finishes
       square  feet  to  navigate,  and  there’ll  be  thousands  working   they become separated from you. In the event your   of the vehicles, and please do not take food and beverage into
       their way through the show at the same time you are. That can   child becomes lost, notify the nearest security or law   the interiors. The manufacturers encourage you to open doors
       make it a bit tricky to spot others from your group. So, make sure   enforcement officer, as well as show management,   and get inside (unless otherwise noted), so please be mindful.
        you pick a rendezvous point and a meeting time to reconnect.   and they’ll work to reunite you as soon as possible.

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