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he  dealer  members  of  the  Metro  Atlanta
                                                                       TAutomobile  Dealers  Association  (MAADA)
                                                                       welcome you to the 41st Annual Atlanta International
                                                                       Auto Show – Atlanta’s Spring Thing!
                                                                       This  association  is  made  up  of  more  than  150
                                                                       franchised  new  car  and  truck  dealers  from  the
                                                                       18-county  area.  The  MAADA  strives  to  uphold  the
                                                                       highest  standards  of  honesty  and  integrity,  and  to
                                                                       continuously improve the vehicle-buying experience
                                                                       for consumers in Metro Atlanta. Whenever you see
                                                                       the association’s logo, you can be assured of the most
                                                                       stringent standards of quality, service, and customer
                                                                       satisfaction. The Atlanta International Auto Show is
                                                                       the largest show of its kind in the Southeast and the
                                                                       largest, longest-running public event at the Georgia
                                                                       World Congress Center. The MAADA appreciates this
                                                                       opportunity to display new models and to introduce
                                                                       the  newest  options  and  safety  features  that  are
                                                                       available in today’s automobiles.             3

                                                         In addition to the newest vehicles on display from the automakers,
                                                         we’ve  also  put  together  a  fantastic  array  of  special  attractions,
                                                         including exotic cars, classic cars, other specialty vehicles, and more.

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