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                                As always, the Atlanta International Auto Show will
                                be presenting a number of Special Attactions such
                                as Fox BMX Stunt Show. Check out page 44 for more
                                                         info and show times.

                                                            Meet & Greet with
                                                             Atlanta Hawks player
                                                              Clint Capela; Friday,
                                                                 March 24th from          HAWKS CENTER
                                                                   3-4pm in the        CLINT CAPELA
                                                                   Kia Booth.

                                                                     (Attractions subject to
                                                                     change at any time)


                         And  don’t  forget  to  take  advantage  of  the  RIDE  &
                         DRIVE EVENTS scheduled at this year’s show. Those
                         who wish to take a test drive simply need to sign up
                         in  the  lobby  area  and  then  go  outside  to  visit  their
                         manufacturer of choice. It doesn’t get any easier than
                         that! (Ride and Drives subject to change at any time.)
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