Page 13 - 2023 Auto Show Guide
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We really

      appreciate your

   patronage, and we

        hope that you

      enjoy the show!



        It should go without saying, but please be respectful of the
        vehicles and other exhibits on the show floor. Take care not
        to let buttons, zippers, and other metal objects scratch the
        finishes of the vehicles, and please do not take food and                                                    13
        beverage into the interiors. The manufacturers encourage
        you to open doors and get inside (unless otherwise noted),
        so please be mindful.


        There will be manufacturers’ reps on
        hand at each display, and they are
        there to help you explore their prod-
        ucts. Be sure to ask them questions
        about the vehicles you are interest-
        ed in. They’ll be more than happy to
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