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It’s a good way to make sure you see everything on display.
                                  •  WHERE TO  START:  Start  with  the  Official  Show  Map  on  pages  40-41.  It  shows  you  where  the

                                     various manufacturers’ displays are, as well as specialty vehicles and other attractions. Many people
                                     find  it  helpful  to  start  at  one  end  of  the  show  floor  and  zig-zag  across  to  the  other  side.

                                    GO  HIGH TECH: Download the  Atlanta International  Auto Show  App. It’ll provide you with
                                   information  about  the  show,  including  Ride  &  Drive  schedules,  character  appearances,  FAQs,  and  more.

                               •  ENGAGE THE  REPS:  The manufacturers put a lot of effort into bringing their latest offerings
                                  to you.  And it’s not just the cars, trucks and SUVs they’ve brought to the show.  They staff their displays
                                  with knowledgeable team members who are there for you.  Ask them questions.  They’re ready for that.

                              •  DON’T BE SHY:  The new vehicles on display are there for you to explore. Unless a vehicle is on a
                                 platform, rotating display, or situated behind barriers, you’re free to open the door and
                                 take a seat inside (unless otherwise indicated). But, please be respectful. Don’t take an
                                open beverage inside the vehicle with you and be sure not to leave any trash inside.
                            •  GO FOR  A SPIN: Several manufacturers have Ride & Drive
                               opportunities  at  the show. Nothing  beats  getting  behind  the  wheel  of  that
                               new  car, truck  or  SUV  you’ve been  thinking  about  and  taking  it for  a  spin.
                          •  TAKE PHOTOS:  There’s some really great vehicles on display. In addition
                              to the new vehicles, you’re going to see some classics, exotics, and other specialty
                             vehicles that you may not see on a regular basis. Snap plenty of pics and share them
                             on social media. Be sure to use hashtag #AIAS19 when posting and tag us directly on
                             Facebook (@goautoshow) and Instagram (@atl_autoshow). You might just win a prize!

                        •  MEET  AND  GREET:  In addition to great vehicle  displays, we also
                           have some special appearances scheduled that are fun for the whole family.

                           Black Panther is scheduled to appear, as are Scooby-Doo and SpongeBob SquarePants. You’ll also find local
                           media personalities onsite to pose for pics and sign autographs, and there may be a celebrity or two around!

                      •  PLAN TO  RECONNECT  WITH YOUR  GROUP:  In a space this large with so much
                          to  see,  it’s  normal  to  split  up  so  everyone  in  a  group  can  experience  the  show  at  their  leisure.  To  keep
                         track of your party, establish pre-planned meeting spots and timeframes so you can reconnect. Example:
                         meet in the center aisle every 15-20 minutes (or whatever interval and location you prefer). If your child
                         wanders  away  from  you,  stay  calm  and  notify  a  member  of  our  team  or  one  of  the  product  specialists  in
                        a nearby display. Show management and security will work quickly to get you reunited.  There’s no show
                         paging system due to potential interference issues with the presentation systems located in each booth.
                          •  SAFETY FIRST:  Your experience at the  Atlanta International  Auto Show should be an
                             enjoyable one. It’s easy to get distracted by all the eye-candy, so just be sure to keep safety in mind
                             at all times. If you’ve got your kids with you, make sure they stay close and are mindful of things
                             like closing doors. If needed, we have a First  Aid station located at the main show entrance.
                                Thanks so much for spending some time with us.
                                         We hope you enjoy the show!
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